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Paul Mihai Pavel

Hi there,

I started my blog a few days ago. But this is not a guest blog. It is hosted on my site. There is no aditional cost for this because I already using my site to promote various products. The advantage is that I'm in no way in danger to get my blog deleted by the owner/moderator if some people don't agree with something in my posts. This is a real advantage.

Live long and prosper,

Paul Mihai Pavel

Davin Ogden-Viral Marketing Strategist

That actually gave me some very good ideas. The post I mean. I believe I will look into the 25 tips for sure. Great! thanx for that.

Davin Ogden
"The Davinator"


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Alvin Phang

like your article... but I got a question how do you get popular blogs to accept you as a guest blogger =)



I set up my new website just the other day. And because of some of the information that you've provided in your article, put together with the marketing secrets I have learned, my website is now generating massive amounts of quality traffic, Just wanted to say thanks!

White Hat Guys

These are some great ideas. I have been blgging for awhile now but also have now realized that I should have been working on guest blogging. I am now starting the process of contacting others to begine but alas time lost.

Never too late though right?


Guest blogging is a win/win situation. Guest blogging is a great way to get traffic and gain exposure for the article writer. On the other hand it also gets a lot of traffic and links for the blog owner. If you haven't been doing it, it is definitely something to look into that can help boost your stats and revenue in no time.

Jeff Paul Internet Millions

Hi! I am a student of MIT. I am also working lightly on internet marketing by promoting my educational website which was first my semester project. I have been watching Jeff Paul’s videos and I use them in my work.

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